New Patients

Dr. MIchael B. Gordon ODWelcome to our office! We look forward to providing you the best in eye care. If you would like to complete your new patient paperwork prior to your appointment, you may do so HERE. When you come to your first appointment please bring the following:

  • Your current eyeglasses (including prescription glasses, sunglasses, over-the-counter reading glasses, etc.)
  • A complete list of prescription and nonprescription medications (including any eye drops and ointments)
  • Your contact lenses, case and prescription (you should wear your contacts and bring your boxes, if possible)
  • Your insurance card (note that payment, including co-payment is due at the time of your visit) Please check your policy’s benefits before making your appointment.

At your exam, Dr. Gordon may need to use drops to dilate your eyes in order to fully evaluate your ocular health. The drops will temporarily increase your sensitivity to light and cause blurry near vision. If you are planning to select new eyewear, you may want to come 15-20 minutes before your appointment in order to make your frame selection. You may also want to arrange for a driver the day of your appointment.

Thank you for choosing us to be your eye care provider.